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2019 Electric Cars (EVs) sold in the US

2019 EVs sold in the US sortedin alphabetical order of manufacturer's name

2019 EVs sold in the US sorted by maximum passengers they can sit, from lowest amount of passengers to the most.

Which electric cars have the longest range? Here there are sorted by longest range to shortest range.

2019 EVs sorted by miles of range per kwh expresses the number of miles the EV can drive per kwh of electricity contained in the battery. This indicates how efficient an EV really is. The heavier the EV is, the lower number of miles per kwh of battery it can go. This also measures the efficiency of the electric motors and their ability to convert each kwh in actual miles driven. If you want to buy an efficient car, you want to purchase an EV with a big number.

Here are the 2019 EVs sorted by the time they take to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. The quickest to the slowest.

Here are the 2019 EVs sold in the US sorted by lowest to highest Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Here are the 2019 EVs sold in the US sorted by Dollars per mile of range. This divides the MSRP of the EV by its maximum range in miles. Looking at EVs from this perspective will tell you how much you will pay for a mile of electric range when purchasing the EV. This is a great way to look at EVs on the market if you want your dollar to translate into the most range you can get. The EVs that cost less per mile of range are typically also less luxurious cars. If you want leather or other luxurious features, you will have to pay for them on top of paying for the electric range you will be getting. Note however that since Tesla has an overall lower cost of battery than any other automaker, for roughly the same amounts of dollar per mile of range, you get a slightly more luxurious car.

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